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If You Want to Save Your Driver's License, Avoid Jail Time and Begin the Process of Fighting Your DUI, Then Call Us Now at (205) 824-6545 or Send Us an E-mail to Learn the TOP 5 Ways We Can Help You With Your DUI Case.


DID YOU most Alabama DUI cases, IF YOU DO NOTHING, you WILL LOSE YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE Automatically, even before you go to Court for the Alabama DUI Criminal Charge.




Did you know you DON'T have to
automatically lose your drivers license
as a result of your DUI charge?


The civil aspect of DUI / DWI cases deals directly with punishments involving your driver's license. At the Kreps Law Firm, LLC our Alabama drivers license suspension lawyers urge clients to get in touch with us as soon as their license has been taken away by the officer at the scene. There are time limitations involved in regaining the license. After your license has been taken, you only have 10 days to file a petition for an administrative hearing to review the suspension of your license. If you do not file for the hearing within the 10 days, your drivers license will most likely remain suspended throughout the process of prosecuting your case. Although it is always advisable to contact us within the 10 days, if you have waited, CALL IMMEDIATELY (866-347-2889) to find out about the lawsuit we can file against the Alabama Department of Public Safety to regain your Alabama Driver's License.


How exactly can we help YOU?


2 ways exist in which your Alabama Driver's License can be suspended or revoked related to a DUI charge:


1) Administratively by the Alabama Department of Public Safety; OR


            -Alabama Breath Test Refusal
            -Alabama Blood Alcohol Content greater than .08g/ 210 L.


2) Conviction for an Alabama DUI.


Further, 2 ways exist that your Alabama License can be suspended Administratively. Let me explain what exactly an Administrative Suspension entails. Several years ago, the activists against drinking and driving decided that the government should not have to wait until after a conviction to take your license. So, the Alabama State Legislature enacted a statute that says that the State can take your license early on in the case regardless of what happens with the criminal charges against you. Those 2 ways are:


1) If you refuse to submit to the Alabama Breath Testing Device; and
2) If you do submit to the Alabama Breath Test and the result is equal to or greater than the legal limit, .08g/ 210 L.


Therefore, you MUST act fast to save your license. Our Alabama Drunk Driving Defense Drivers License Attorneys can help you to regain your driving privileges fast. The procedures that we undertake will stay any suspension during the time that your criminal case is pending. Don't lose your right to drive in Alabama, CALL US TODAY (205) 824-6545.


And, Oh By the Way....


If you were wondering whether Alabama offers a hardship or work/school license to enable you to drive, this State does not. Yes, that's right-they will take your license, fine you, and make you pay Court costs but will not provide you with a legal way to get to and from the job that will pay you, so that you can pay them. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose to fight your DUI and the imminent suspension of your right to drive. CALL NOW (866) 347-2889.


3 Main Areas of Assistance


Our Alabama drivers license lawyers can assist you in the three main areas of driver's license issues that arise in conjunction with DUI / DWI charges or accusations.


          • license suspension
          • license revocation
          • reinstatement of driver's license

Other drivers license matters may come up and will be dealt with during the course of the representation. Our Alabama DUI Defense Lawyers have the capabilities of handling any and all issues as they arise in your Alabama DUI case.


A hearing may be necessary for our Alabama DUI Defense firm to try to prevent the suspension of your license, but this does not have an affect on the drunk driving charges that may be pending against you. That is a matter of the criminal aspect of a DUI / DWI situation. Another option that we have as Alabama DUI lawyers is to file a lawsuit against the Alabama Department of Public Safety to attack and stay the Suspension of your Alabama Driver License.


Contact an Alabama drivers license suspension lawyer at the Kreps Law Firm, LLC today. We are committed to standing by you throughout the entirety of your case and pursuing a resolution to your situation that is in your best interests. Flexible appointment times are available to accommodate your schedule. Let a member of our legal team aggressively fight for your rights and the retention of your driver's license.


Get in touch with our office today to schedule your free initial consultation.


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